a teenager with a brain of a child that try to make games and animations, also studying enviroment
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Posted by HENOOB - August 29th, 2023

If you guys didn't know on my previous post I originally was planning on developing a game for a jam with 2 creators, those being Stickmaniart and @JimmyBiscuit and were developing Claire's Mind which is a 2D light-horror roguelike platformer game, although we failed the date and the game haven't released ever since.iu_1063983_7949491.jpg

What Happened?

All of the devs were busy, JimmyBiscuit was working and couldn't always be around chat, Stickmaniart was on a trip and I was receiving a lot of homework from school, thus why we failed to release the game on the date of the jam but since then the communication between the 3 of us were radio silent because it just needs me to finish the programming of the game so the reason why this game didn't released is all because of me.

My School is one of the most advanced around my state which is one of the buildings by Centro Paula Souza which is an ETEC (Technical School) and I am into a course of environment, in short, it's focused on making a balance between our nature and us humans, a control on the speed of the industry, making sustainable products that does not screw up our planet and many other phrases that I could think of, although the course also has the same subjects from a normal high school, like maths, brazilian literature among others, I have joined ETEC on 2022 and it's planned for me to finish it on December 2024.

It is a school that takes a lot of time from the student as I have 19 subjects to study and work on, one of the projects is on my github if you verify my page, but I love the school and the course, although after the course ill be studying Computer Science, but this environment course will still be a very rewarding course for me as I gathered important knowledge from it.

Also on August 1st 2022, my lovely brother was born, which took even more time for me and my whole family, so I couldn't work on the game and the times I tried to work on the game, sometimes I just do some other game ideas instead because I was too stuck on Claire's Mind.

Claire's Mind isn't cancelled although the game reached 1 year of development recently, it isn't cancelled and I will finish it when I can finish it, probably only after my course ends, so what I can say is thanks to Stickmaniart and JimmyBiscuit for developing the game with me, we couldn't finish in time but we all did this game with love even if we weren't present on it on the time, I hope yall goes to a good path in the future.

Anyways, ill be returning with high expectations in the future I hope, I'll still be online however.

Here some doodles by Stickmaniart and JimmyBiscuit.



The game will release here on NG, GameJolt and Itchio

I hope yall play the game when it releases.

I would love to hear feedback

(The game is named Claire's Grief, Claire's Mind is a name that I originally was thinking on naming it and it returned on this post, sorry for the inconvenience)

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Posted by HENOOB - July 15th, 2022

I have been bored doing nothing so I decided to make a game again, this time for a gamejam called HaxeJam 2022 and I will do the game with @JimmyBiscuit which she also made the music of my past game called CarTrip for almost 1 year ago, If we fail the deadline, well the game will still be released some day.

That's all I got.


PS: Check it out the games on HaxeJam 2022 if they get released :)



Posted by HENOOB - June 19th, 2022

This is HENOOB CREATIONS official logo and outro, I'm hyped to be making stuff again this year but maybe it will happen.

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Posted by HENOOB - April 10th, 2022

Hello people, as I was browsing around NG, I discovered that today is my account's birthday, I have been around here for 2 years now, actually is one month after COVID-19 strikes.

Since I made this account, I had plans of making games and animations for this meantime but the only thing I made right now is only one game which has been released since August 2021: Car Trip, and then I didn't make nothing original ever since, I end up falling into procrastination since the game release, I am in hopes to make something to this year more often.

I also have entered a good high school and I have taken a environment course, this is something that wasn't on my plans but when I finish this course I can selected a good chunk of other courses and also a good job for working with plants and animals.

Currently, I am in hopes to finish my training with my violin this year or the next one, with many of my distractions I have taken 4 years and counting and I don't want to reach any further then that, so I will have a time out of social media for a while.

Finishing all up here are some drawings that I found cool to show, I will see y'all later.








Posted by HENOOB - October 15th, 2021

I didn't dissapeared as I thought I would, consider that "bye for now" part invalid, lol

Also my Icon/Logo is 1 year old now, so the new profile picture is a anniversary, halloween variant (also sent to 8BitAnt to appear on the halloween collab) and it will be the (maybe) last variant of the icon, I made a bunch of variants around this logo/icon and for today I made final designs from it.

Well that's all I can say, here one of the variants




Posted by HENOOB - September 22nd, 2021

First of all happy madness day, i will play the games this day awaits for and make a little artwork from it, also thanks for the 75 fans

I have been missing for a while on this website this because I have returned on the school and now I am in hope i will go to middle school and is also because i am not in the same energy on visiting this website to much anymore

On the quarantine i tried to find new stuff to do, i tried to fit on something on social media, i tried to find people around the world, and thus i found newgrounds and then i found the BBS, and was a good year around the website, Revisiting my old 1.1K posts around, i saw that i was a very confusing or "cringy" person not only around newgrounds, that is because I tried to be funny and based to other people's opinions, some of the posts worked and some doesn't and i end up feeling bad about it and then i delete the post, and i removed a bunch of stuff around twitter, reddit, newgrounds news posts even YouTube comments, but i never deleted something from the NG BBS, I think this kinda stuff that i deleted will return to me kinda badly, but in the end i helped some people around the help forum, gave good reviews to a good amount of games and movies, talked with some good people, participated on some collabs and made CarTrip with JimmyBiscuit's music.

I would like to say that i was rushing on CarTrip to the game not launch on august because in that month i return to school, so it end up being a very unpolished game with some ideas missing like the orange car that was a car that goes behind the player for example but it wasn't a bad game and I am proud of my first game, received good feedback and gone in 4th place on p-bot daily posts, it didn't got to well around itch but that's alright, one day i will return to that game and give all stuff that it was planned for it, one day...

EDIT: I would like to thank @JimmyBiscuit for testing and giving music, without her the game wouldn't be the same

Well i am not with the same energy on returning to interact around the internet so i will disapear for a while, I will not 100% disapear on the internet i will still be around newgrounds and the internet itself but not in the same way i was before, i will come back to newgrounds with games and animations and interact with people too.

I will return one day, with some ideas that I have.

But if i don't return remember this on 2030


See you around



Posted by HENOOB - August 9th, 2021

What restaurant you like to visit?


Posted by HENOOB - February 24th, 2021

Delicious 10 fans, Thanks!


Posted by HENOOB - January 29th, 2021


Someone gifted supporter for me, YAY


Posted by HENOOB - November 12th, 2020

Hello people, i recently found out a solution to download content on newgrounds but more necessary flash content, because theres a lot of flash content that is running on ruffle and is not working sometimes or is not ruffle and is running in a diferent emulator, one of the examples is wavechan flash tutorial button glitch or mario meets kirby, this makes me create this tutorial so lets begin, this tutorial only focus on microsoft edge or google chrome but i think may applicates on other browsers aswell

Downloading Flash Content

1 - go to your web browser and go to the game you want to download

2 - press F12 or press Ctrl + Shift + F or simply go to the 3 dots option and press search

3 - in the search tab, search "ungrounded" or "swf"

4 - if you find a link like this "https://uploads.ungrounded.net" so this is where the swf is, copy the complete link (not the entire line of code, copy the link that is inside "")

5 - paste the link in a new tab and sucess your game is downloading but google will alert for downloading a swf, this is not a problem you can accept and download normally

6 - now all you need is SWF local player (a non-browser), the safe version of a flash local player is the NG Player so download it

7 - after download open the software and go open file and browse where the flash game you downloaded is, if you found so press ok

congrats now you can save and play flash games now go wild (this also works with non-flash content on newgrounds from games and movies)