a teenager with a brain of a child that try to make games and animations, also studying enviroment
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If you guys didn't know on my previous post I originally was planning on developing a game for a jam with 2 creators, those being Stickmaniart and @JimmyBiscuit and were developing Claire's Mind which is a 2D light-horror roguelike platformer game, although we failed the date and the game haven't released ever since.iu_1063983_7949491.jpg

What Happened?

All of the devs were busy, JimmyBiscuit was working and couldn't always be around chat, Stickmaniart was on a trip and I was receiving a lot of homework from school, thus why we failed to release the game on the date of the jam but since then the communication between the 3 of us were radio silent because it just needs me to finish the programming of the game so the reason why this game didn't released is all because of me.

My School is one of the most advanced around my state which is one of the buildings by Centro Paula Souza which is an ETEC (Technical School) and I am into a course of environment, in short, it's focused on making a balance between our nature and us humans, a control on the speed of the industry, making sustainable products that does not screw up our planet and many other phrases that I could think of, although the course also has the same subjects from a normal high school, like maths, brazilian literature among others, I have joined ETEC on 2022 and it's planned for me to finish it on December 2024.

It is a school that takes a lot of time from the student as I have 19 subjects to study and work on, one of the projects is on my github if you verify my page, but I love the school and the course, although after the course ill be studying Computer Science, but this environment course will still be a very rewarding course for me as I gathered important knowledge from it.

Also on August 1st 2022, my lovely brother was born, which took even more time for me and my whole family, so I couldn't work on the game and the times I tried to work on the game, sometimes I just do some other game ideas instead because I was too stuck on Claire's Mind.

Claire's Mind isn't cancelled although the game reached 1 year of development recently, it isn't cancelled and I will finish it when I can finish it, probably only after my course ends, so what I can say is thanks to Stickmaniart and JimmyBiscuit for developing the game with me, we couldn't finish in time but we all did this game with love even if we weren't present on it on the time, I hope yall goes to a good path in the future.

Anyways, ill be returning with high expectations in the future I hope, I'll still be online however.

Here some doodles by Stickmaniart and JimmyBiscuit.



The game will release here on NG, GameJolt and Itchio

I hope yall play the game when it releases.

I would love to hear feedback

(The game is named Claire's Grief, Claire's Mind is a name that I originally was thinking on naming it and it returned on this post, sorry for the inconvenience)

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