a teenager with a brain of a child that try to make games and animations, also studying enviroment
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Bye for now

Posted by HENOOB - September 22nd, 2021

First of all happy madness day, i will play the games this day awaits for and make a little artwork from it, also thanks for the 75 fans

I have been missing for a while on this website this because I have returned on the school and now I am in hope i will go to middle school and is also because i am not in the same energy on visiting this website to much anymore

On the quarantine i tried to find new stuff to do, i tried to fit on something on social media, i tried to find people around the world, and thus i found newgrounds and then i found the BBS, and was a good year around the website, Revisiting my old 1.1K posts around, i saw that i was a very confusing or "cringy" person not only around newgrounds, that is because I tried to be funny and based to other people's opinions, some of the posts worked and some doesn't and i end up feeling bad about it and then i delete the post, and i removed a bunch of stuff around twitter, reddit, newgrounds news posts even YouTube comments, but i never deleted something from the NG BBS, I think this kinda stuff that i deleted will return to me kinda badly, but in the end i helped some people around the help forum, gave good reviews to a good amount of games and movies, talked with some good people, participated on some collabs and made CarTrip with JimmyBiscuit's music.

I would like to say that i was rushing on CarTrip to the game not launch on august because in that month i return to school, so it end up being a very unpolished game with some ideas missing like the orange car that was a car that goes behind the player for example but it wasn't a bad game and I am proud of my first game, received good feedback and gone in 4th place on p-bot daily posts, it didn't got to well around itch but that's alright, one day i will return to that game and give all stuff that it was planned for it, one day...

EDIT: I would like to thank @JimmyBiscuit for testing and giving music, without her the game wouldn't be the same

Well i am not with the same energy on returning to interact around the internet so i will disapear for a while, I will not 100% disapear on the internet i will still be around newgrounds and the internet itself but not in the same way i was before, i will come back to newgrounds with games and animations and interact with people too.

I will return one day, with some ideas that I have.

But if i don't return remember this on 2030


See you around




Goodbye, old friend, I hope we can meet again in another time

Good luck for the future dude. Can't wait for ya to come back to chat

bye, it was fun workin on that game with u <3